4th KISHEM & 2017-IASPEP
The 4th Korean International Symposium on Converged High Energy Materials and 2017-IASPEP will be held from August, 2014 at Yonsei University in Seoul, Korea.

 To meet future operational requirements, science and technology must be developed to enhance the performance of energetic materials with improved sensitivity and stability while providing environmentally acceptable methods for disposal and recycling.

• Propellants 
• High Explosives 
• Insensitive Munitions 
• Nano-Materials
• Synthesis
• Characterization 
• Physical Properties 
• Ageing
• Performance
• Manufacturing 
• Detonation 
• Pyrotechnics 
• Combustion 
• Modeling and Theoretical Approaches
• Demilitarization, Disposal and Recycling 
• Safety

The Organizing Committee of KISHEM-4 & 2017-IASPEP welcomes abstract submission for oral and poster sessions. All abstracts presented at the symposium will be published in the abstract book. Abstracts received by April 20, 2017 will be considered under the standard review procedure. All authors accepted for presentation must register for the symposium before July 31, 2017 in order to confirm their participation.

• Due Date for One-Page Abstract: April 20, 2017
• Abstract Acceptance Notice: May 31, 2017
• Due Date for Early Registration: June 30, 2017
• Session Schedule Notice: July 12, 2017
• Due Date for Extended Abstract: July 25, 2017
• KISHEM-4 & 2017-IASPEP : Aug. 29-Sept. 02, 2017