Organizing committee

Thermal analysis and assessment of propellants used in belt restraint systems: Manfred A. Bohn, Fraunhofer-Institut fuer Chemische Technologie (ICT), Germany

Microcalorimetry applied for the surveillance of gun propellants - 35 years at TNO: W.P.C. de Klerk and L.H. van Broeckhuijsen, TNO Defence, The Netherlands

Energetic Materials Synthesis at FOI, History and Outlook: Patrick Goede and Nikolaj Latypov, Swedish Defence Research Agency, Sweden.

Novel Synthetic Approaches to Nitroimidazoles: New Class of Insensitive Explosives: Reddy Damavarapu,1* Rao Surapaneni1, Raja Duddu,2 and Paritosh R. Dave2, 1U.S. Army ARDEC and 2SAIC Inc., USA

Shock compression of a sulfur crystal: Mitsuo Izumo, Shuji Ye and Mitsuo Koshi, The University of Tokyo, Japan

Eurofighter Gun Propellant For 27 mm Cal. PELE: Dr. Dietmar Mueller, Fraunhofer Institut Chemische Technologie (ICT), Germany

Synthesis of Nanostructured Hosts for HEM: Sang-Eon Park, Yong Ku Kwon and Hyun-Soo Kim, Inha University and Agency for Defense Development, Korea. 

Environmental Management of Energetic Materials: Dr Adam S Cumming, Dstl Fort Halstead, UK

Metal Oxide Ceramic Particles Formation from Detonation of Metal/Nitrates Emulsion Compositions: E. Antunes, J. Calado, A. Lagoa, S. Silva and J. Campos, University of Coimbra, PORTUGAL. 

Number of papers: 32 oral papers (8 from Korea, 24 from foreign countries)
                            44 poster papers (28 from Korea, 16 from foreign countries)

Participant’s countries: Korea, Germany, Netherlands, Sweden, USA, Portugal, Japan, Russia, UK, Switzerland, India,   China, Singapore, France, Czech Republic