13 Plenary and 1 Keynote Lectures
The Influence of Concentration, Type and Particle Size Effects of Fillers on the Dynamic Mechanical Behaviour of Elastomeric HTPB Binder
Manfred A. Bohn*, Mauricio Ferrapontoff Lemos, Guenter Mussbach
Fraunhofer ICT, Germanry

High-order Numerical Method and Simulation of SDF and DDT
Wang Cheng*
Beijing Institute of Technology, China

Hollow Microsphere Collapse Sensitization of Emulsion Explosives and Metal Oxide Production from Detonation
Jose Campos*, Joao Pimenta, Joana Filipa Pires d’Oliveira Quaresma, Ricardo Mendes, Jose Gois
University of Coimbra, Portugal

Synthesis Mechanism of Lead Styphnate (LTNR) in Segmented Microfluidic System
Ruiqi Shen*
Nanjing University of Science and Technology, China

Energetic Materials – History on Stability Research
Wim de Klerk*
TNO Defence Safety and Security, Netherlands

Developing Resarch on Environmental Aspects of Munitions, their Management and Disposal
Adam S Cumming*
University of Edinburgh, United Kingdom

Future of Solid Propellants: Which Way to Go? Only to New Energetic Materials-Based? Here is New Platform
Byung Sun Min*
Agency for Defense Development, Republic of Korea

Energetic Materials of the Nitropyrazole Family: Unusual Thermal and Combustion Behaviors
Valery P. Sinditskii*, Sergei P. Smirnov, Viacheslav Yu. Egorshev, Anton N. Chernyi, Nadezhada V. Palysaeva, Igor L. Dalinger
Mendeleev University of Chemical Technology, Russia

Ignition and Combusion of Pyrotechnics at Low Pressures and at Temperature Extremes
Clive R Woodley*
QunetiQ, United Kingdom

Taming Dinitramide Anions within An Energetic Metal-Organic Framework: A New Strategy for Synthesis and Tunable Properties of High Energy Materials
Jichuan Zhang, Yao Du, Kai Dong, Hui Su, Shaowen Zhang, Shenghua Li, Siping Pang*
Beijing Institute of Technology, China

Controllling the Shaped-Charge Effect by Means of Electromagnetic Actions
Gennady A Shvetsov* Alexander D Matrojov, Sergey V Stankevich
Siberian Division of Russian Academy of Science, Russia

Relatonship between the Crystal Lattice Free Volume and Detonation Parameters of Nitramines
Svatopluk Zeman*, Ning Liu, Ahmed Khaled Hussein
University of Pardubice, Czech Republic

Gun and Rocket Propellant Developmtnf at FOI, the Swedish Defence Research Agency
Niklas Wingborg*, Martin Skarstind, Carina Eldsäter
Swedish Defence Research Agency, Sweden


Identification of Performance Anomalies of Initiation Devices through Application of the Krypton-85 Detection Technique
Karl K. Rink*
University of Idaho, USA

Number of papers: 117 papers (58 oral presentations)Participating number of persons: over 200 persons from 20 countries